Remove Sun Tan Naturally – 5 No Fail Strategies

Remove Sun Tanning

Sun tan can happen anytime to anyone. Inspite of taking umpteen efforts of proper summer skincare to protect the tender skin from
harsh sunlight it can still occur. Usually the skin becomes free from sun tan gradually as the dead skin cells
are replaced with new cells on its own. However, to speed up this natural skin lightening process one can use simple
homemade beauty remedy. There are 5 No-Fail Strategies to remove sun tan naturally.
In case of redness along with rashes on the neck and back of excessive sun exposure to the oily skin you should check the Remedies for Prickly Heat

Use Rice Powder Body Scrub
Make the natural body scrub by taking 1 cup rice powder, ½ cup butter milk and 1 teaspoon turmeric
powder. Mix all three well. Now apply this paste on entire body and face. Then after give gentle circular
strokes on full body skin. Next step is to leave the paste on the body for another 15 minutes. Once it is
fully dried wash it off. This body scrub is good for removing the sun tan. It shall take few weeks to give the
desired results.

Gram Flour Removes Sun Tan Naturally
This home beauty remedy to remove the sun tan naturally is also quite effective. To use this, take 4 tablespoons
gram flour (besan), 2 tablespoons lemon juice and 2 tablespoon thick butter milk. Mix all three together.
Apply it to the body parts having the sun tan using a brush. Allow it to dry. Later rinse it off with water.
Gram flour is a good solution to treat the skin discoloration .

Apply Homemade Bleach
To prepare this bleach at home collect 2 tablespoon turmeric powder, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 teaspoon extra
virgin olive oil, 1 tablespoon thick sour curd and 1 teaspoon salt. In a bowl mix all ingredients together to
make a smooth paste. Add raw milk if required to get the required consistency. Apply this home bleach to
the body as well as face. Let it dry, followed by thorough wash with water. Ensure not to use soap for 2
days after applying this bleach. It can be used once in 15 days.

Treat Sun Tan with Tomato
Arrange to make the tomato puree from 3 big tomatoes. To this add cucumber puree from one cucumber
and one full big size lemon juice. Mix all three liquids well. Take a cotton ball, dip it into the prepared
liquid and smear it on the entire body and face. Once it begins to dry re-apply the liquid. Repeat it 3-
4 times. After 4th time, let the liquid dry on the skin. Finally, take the body wash with water. Tomato,
cucumber and lemon all three are ideal for skin whitening .

Free skin from Sun Tan Using Aloe Vera and Lemon
Aloe Vera and lemon both are skin lightening agents by nature hence used widely for removing the sun tan as well.
Pluck thick fresh aloe vera leaf and take out its pulp. Mash the pulp and add one full big size lemon juice.
Apply it to the sun burn affected body. Let it dry naturally. Then clean with water. Use it once in a week to
always keep the skin free from sun tan .

These 5 no-fail strategies shall help to bring back the original skin color. Infact it can further improve the
skin complexion
. Worth trying for sure!

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