Summer Eye Makeup Tips

Summer Eye Shadow MakeupApplication of eye shadow on wet is required for your eyes. With toner, that”s alcohol free or an Eyeliner Sealer, apply with a sponge applicator or an eye shadow brush, and brush on a light layer of toner across the eyelid or in the crease. Trick is to mist the eye shadow, not drench it. Or dampen the applicator/brush first and then pick up your color. That way, you avoid drenching the product and possibly even ruining it. You”ll pick up the right amount of color, and then apply.

You can apply makeup to your eyes with alcohol free toner / Eyeliner sealer / sponge applicator / eye shadow brush. You can brush on a light layer or toner across the eyelid /in the crease. All you need to do is to mist the eye shadow, not drench it.  Check the  eye makeup tips site for more info.

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