Summer Lips Care Makeup

Summer Makeup Tips For Lips And Summer Lipsticks

Tips For Lips And Summer Lipsticks :-

Your next concern is lips; grab a pencil, either eye or lip if the color works. It’s your choice whether you want to neaten up the lip line or darken a bit. You can also use lipstick. After dotting a bit of liquid powder or loose powder on lips you have to color in the middle of the mouth and blend outwards, then apply your pencil. By frequent application your pencils will be better.

Taking a Kleenex you can press a layer over your lips with the mouth closed. You will surely love Kleenex for taking care of your lips. Because it”s the ”excess” that will bleed and come off.  You can apply lip gloss in the middle of the mouth, just ”kiss” and put a dot of it on the middle of both lips and even on the cheekbones as highlighter. You can try the eyebrow bone for a nice shimmer. Shimmer gold lip gloss can be used for evening.

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