Summer time makeup tips for tropical look

Summer makeup

5 Minute Summer Make up Tips:-

Hot, muggy, icky, humid, sticky, and hot. The following make-up tips can revitalize your look and help in keeping you cool. You have to grab that self-tanner for your face. You will not feel the necessity to put on the foundation and concealer as much due to the addition of a little bit of color to your skin. It’s your choice whether you can go as light or as dark.

Application of light dusting of a light yellow Loose Powder over your
clean skin  before foundation  helps you in keeping  foundation on
longer without melting, face lightening up  the redness and keeping your
dewy skin look fresher longer, before it becomes  a shiny oily. This
will make you look light all day.
For giving extra touch you can
apply Origin’s Shine Control Product just on the T-zone, eyelid and
anywhere else as an eye shadow base.
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