Sunscreen Tips

Select a sunscreen if it has Sun Protection Factor that is SPF more than 15, broad spectrum and waterproof. These three are the vital concerns when shopping for the sun protection cosmetic. Brand name does not carry any importance over these points because it is crucial to safeguard the skin from dangerous ultraviolet radiations.Sunscreen could be defined as the solution that protects the skin from detrimental ultraviolet radiations emitted by sun. Market is swamped with wide variety of sun protection cosmetics such as lotion, cream, gel, ointment and spray under unlimited brands. Certainly it is quite difficult to pick one among the entire lot. The selection process could be made easy if it is known as what makes a good sunscreen. As it is a known fact that ingredients together make a product hence select the sunscreen on the basis of its ingredients and not the brand name.
Sun Protection Factor that is SPF
SPF is the main factor that is considered while selecting the sunscreen followed by purchasing the same. It could be present any thing between 6-60 levels. SPF can be explained as the degree to which the skin can be protected from total amount of the sun exposure and not the length of sun exposure. To be more precise, amount of sun exposure is dependent on factors like time of the day, geographic location, duration of exposure and weather conditions. For instance, amount of sun exposure in Rajasthan between 12 noon to 3pm in afternoon would be lot more than the sun exposure in Jammu.Dermatologist suggests choosing the sunscreen having an SPF of 15 or more depending upon the sun exposure. People who spend more time in outdoor activities must prefer SPF 30 to get a better skin protection from sun.
UVA and UVB Protection
Select only those sunscreens that are labeled as “broad spectrum”. This means it would guard the skin from ultraviolet-B (UVB) as well as ultraviolet-A (UVA). This is better in every respect because ultraviolet-B radiations cause sunburns and skin cancer while ultraviolet-A radiations is responsible for wrinkles and skin cancer. There are some sun protection products that offer protection only from ultraviolet-B rays. As both types of radiations are awful it is best to choose only broad spectrum sunscreen.
The broad spectrum sunscreen contains Octocrylene (also referred as cinnamate), zinc oxide and benzophenones. All these three chemicals have UVA and UVB absorbing properties. When applied on the skin it blocks the radiations and keeps the skin secured.
Water Proof
Water or perspiration would rinse the sunscreen from the skin therefore it is best to decide on water proof sunscreen. In the market water resistant sunscreen is also available that gives the protection only for ½ an hour where as water proof provides protection from sun for more than one hour. Consequently at all times look for water proof sunscreen.
A good sunscreen is boon for healthy skin. In summer unquestionably sunscreen is important to skin as oxygen to body but other seasons too it is required to safeguard skin from sun radiations because there is as such no safe and sound season when it comes to appalling ultraviolet radiations. Except for infants everyone should use sunscreen whenever going out of the house. Hence it is a must buy cosmetic in every home. Consider all these points while selecting the sunscreen and protect the skin from harmful radiations. Happy Shopping!
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