How to Make Herbal Sunscreen Oil at Home

Sunscreen at homeSunscreen application is an indispensable part of skin care. All 365 days in a year one must apply it on the skin before going out in an open atmosphere. If one seeks utmost quality along with pocket friendliness then prepare the herbal sunscreen oil at home. This homemade sunscreen shall give much better results in much lesser cost than the chemically produced sunscreen available in the market under the fancy brand names.
Ingredients Required for Making the Herbal Sunscreen Oil

  • Castor Oil: ¾ Cup
  • Beeswax: 1 Oz. (28.3grams)
  • Zinc Oxide: 2 Tablespoons
  • Sandalwood Oil: 4-5 Drops

Castor OilCastor Oil when applied on the skin acts as the protective barricade between the ultraviolet radiations emitted by sun and the skin. It never allows the sun rays to do any damage to the tender skin. Being an excellent emollient it is safe to use for all the skin tones. This oil is extracted for the castor plant’s seeds, scientifically known as Ricinus Communis.
beeswaxBeeswax is the natural wax crafted by honey bees to build the honeycomb walls. It is a rich source of nutrients must for healthy skin and is cent percent non-toxic. It forms a long-lasting protective covering on the skin that safeguards from skin damaging environmental factors mainly the detrimental UVA and UVB rays. Its scientific name is Cera Alba.
Zinc OxideZinc Oxide is the vital ingredient of any sunscreen lotion, be it herbal prepared at home or chemically processed. It gives maximum protection to the skin from UVA and UVB sun radiations. If it is applied on skin then no matter what the sun rays can never get close to the skin. It is also a skin anti-inflammatory because of which it shields the skin from inflammation, itching, and rashes. The scientific name for zinc oxide is still unidentified.
sandal wood oilSandalwood Oil is the oil with superb aroma and fragrance. It is excellent in fading the sunburns and any other left behind scars and marks. It is a natural astringent good for the skin. Santalum Album is its scientific name.
Method to Make the Homemade Herbal Sunscreen
Pour castor oil in a pan having heavy bottom. Put it on the low flame. When it is slightly heated add crumbled beeswax to the heated castor oil. Stir continuously till the wax in melted completely. Once the wax is melted, put off the gas and immediately add zinc oxide. Mix it well. After all three ingredients are blended together add sandalwood oil and again mix it well. Pour the mixture in an air tight plastic (good quality) bottle having wide mouth. Allow the temperature of mixture to come down to the room temperature then after close the lid. The herbal sunscreen is ready to use. Sometimes one might notice some separation in the herbal sunscreen mix. In that case mix it well before use and apply it as accustomed.
Apply this homemade herbal sunscreen oil as usual like any other sunscreen lotion. It must be used for all the months in a year. Ideally, it should be applied on the skin 20 minutes before stepping out in an open environment. Be it hot or cold, autumn or monsoon sunscreen application is must for the skin same way as oxygen for life.  Hence, miss any skin care aspect but never ever sunscreen!

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