What are the Preventive Measures from Sunburn

First step certainly is to put on sunscreen lotion with minimum SPF 15 on the body that has bare skin like face, hand, back and legs. It is best to apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes prior to stepping out in the sun exposed environment. Also use the same before taking the dip in the swimming pool. Put in the practice of wearing sunglasses and hat/cap when going out in sun.
Do no scrub the face too much as it makes the skin more reactive to sun rays. Always prefer herbal soaps and lotion over the chemically produced cosmetics as chemicals in the creams and lotions leads to inflammation on sunburn affected area. Never use milk cream and oil based lotions on the sunburns as it can result in pigmentation or some infection.

Drinks lots of water everyday to keep the skin well hydrated. Also eat all the seasonal fruits like watermelon and musk melon in summers while sweet lime and oranges in winters. Last but not the least, include salad in everyday meals twice in a day and stay away from excess of fried and spicy food.

Sunburn is not a disease but it is a terrible consequence of sun exposure to the skin. It may not be life threatening but still it is awful as it can cause the dreadful damage to the skin and leave the skin lifeless. Subsequently, take all efforts to safeguard the tender skin from sunburn and let the skin stay in high spirits!

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