Castor Oil Herbal Home Remedy for Winter Cracked Lips

Castor Oil Herbal Remedy for Cracked LipsIn winters it is common to have the lips cracked. In order to heal the chapped lips use castor oil herbal home remedy. It needs to be applied again and again for 2-3 days then the lips shall become smooth again.

A cracked lip in winters is the universal problem faced by all age groups right from 2 year old child to the adult of any age. As the trouble is widespread it is has the solution to set it right as well. Castor oil herbal home remedy for healing the winter chapped lips is the time tested solution by one generation after the other.

Ingredients Required for Winter Cracked Lips Herbal Remedy
Castor Oil: 1 Teaspoon
Sandalwood Oil: 1 Teaspoon

Castor oil is a natural anti-oxidant. Being an excellent emollient it gives the deep conditioning and heals all the cracks on the lips. It works on the cracks very gently because although the cracks might look tender but it pains a lot. Castor oil is the greasiest oil amongst all the available oil variants hence it is difficult to rinse with water. This is the reason why castor oil must be used in very little quantity that gets absorbed on the lips else it can become too sticky. Scientifically it is known as Ricinus Communis.

Sandalwood Oil is absorbed quickly within the skin layers. It has an amazing aroma. It resists the attack of all sorts of skin tribulations. It never lets any bacteria or insect get near to the skin. It fills the lips cracks by balancing the oil on the skin and making it well hydrated. It suits all skin tones. The scientific name for sandalwood oil is Santalum Album.

Method for Preparing the Castor Oil Cracked Lips Home Remedy
Mix both the oils together in a bowl. This quantity shall last for many applications on the cracked lips. In the same proportion more quantity could be mixed and stored in a glass dark bottle for everyday use.

Application of Herbal Castor Oil Remedy for Winter Cracked Lips
Wipe the lips with a wet tissue or handkerchief. Then with the index finger tip start applying it on the lips from one corner to another. Leave the oil mix on the lips to settle down so that it is absorbed by the lips. Re-apply it numerous times in a day to augment the healing process of winter cracked lips. Every time after drinking any liquid or eating food ensure to re-apply this mix of castor oil and sandalwood oil. When it is used many times for 2-3 days then surely the winter chapped lips shall be healed and the lips would become smooth again. It shall also restore the pink color of lips.

This herbal remedy for cracked lips shall certainly work provided it is carried out at regular frequency. Herbal beauty experts recommend that this remedy also must be used everyday in winters in night before sleeping without a miss. Once the lips are healed, keep using the remedy twice in a day and once in night in order to protect the lips from getting chapped in the future. After all smooth pink lips are the vital feature of the face!

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