How to lighten dark upper lip color

Light, bright and appealing pink color of lips is desired by all of us. As an infant God gives this much loved shade of lips to all but slowly and gradually as we grow the pinkish shade is replaced with dull and dark lips. Please note face whitening remedy should not applied for lip color lightening.
What causes the dark color lips?
Few common causes of dark lips are inadequate diet, smoking, too much use of lipstick and over absorption of caffeine by drinking excess of tea and coffee. All these factors if controlled then darker shade of lips shall be reduced. Apart from these, one could also carry out few effective home remedies to lighten the  dark upper lips.
Nicotine from cigarette, caffeine from tea and coffee and expired lipsticks takes the beauty off from the lips making the face less attractive. To look good is every individual’s eternal desire hence simple home remedies comes to the rescue to repair the smash up done to the lips. Persistence and patience is the key to get success from these natural home remedies.
Honey and Lime Juice mix to lighten the dark color on lip
Take honey and lime juice in the ratio of 1:2. Mix it well and apply it on the lips for few days. The dark lips will be lighten to a large extent.
To lighten the color of upper lip use Fresh daub Cream
To get back the natural color of lips, daub fresh cream mixed with saffron strands over the lips. Allow it to dry on its own. In a month, with everyday practice the change would be noticeable.

Coriander Juice remedy assure lip color lightening

Grind the clean coriander leaves in the mixer using little water. Take out the juice from this mixture with the help of a cloth or sieve. Everyday before going to bed put this juice on the lips. With regular use for minimum 15 days, dullness and darkness of lips would be reduced.
How Carrot Juice aids to lighten the lip color pigments
Grate the carrot and squeeze the extract in the muslin cloth to make the pure carrot juice. Dip the cotton ball in this juice and spread it on the lips. Do it regularly then after some time cracks on the lips would disappear and the color of lips would also improve.
almond Oil in the Navel
Everyday put a drop of almond oil or coconut oil in the navel before going to bed in the night. This would retain the natural color of the lips. This has to be practiced everyday forever.
These natural homemade remedies if performed sincerely then certainly the dark lips would get lighten to pinkish shade. Beautiful lips play a vital role in making the smile charming and face attractive. Dark lips somehow take the beauty away from the face. And no matter how much ever one tries, with change in the lifestyle lips tends to gets darker. Hence, try these remedies to get the much desired pinkish lips. With the fine-looking lips acquire the attention of people around you!!
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