How to Apply Vitamin E Oil for Lip Wrinkles

Deficiency of Vitamin E in the skin reduces the skin ability to restore its elasticity. Loss of skin elasticity near mouth area leads to lip wrinkles formation. To treat these soft perioral line use vitamin E oil pack. In a bowl mix together one teaspoon vitamin E oil, one teaspoon yogurt, 4-5 drops of honey and 3-4 drop of lemon juice. Apply this mixture to the wrinkles around mouth with a cotton ball. Hold it for 15 minutes followed by cleaning with water. All ingredients in the pack tighten the skin and reinstate its elasticity.
Apart from these home remedies for lip wrinkle repair, there are many medical treatments that use the allopathic medicines to eradicate the lip wrinkles. Few to name are lip injections, lip enhancements, collagen lip injections, lip implants, permanent lip augmentation and restylane lip enhancement etc. These treatments although might give immediate results but are sure to leave back some side effects. No matter how much ever the human brain grows it can never beat the God created natural process like aging. Therefore, fix on for home remedies for lip wrinkles repair. It is the right choice!
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