How To Care About Your Lips

Natural Lip Care TipsRegular application of pure honey on lips   and rinsing off after ½ hour will strengthen and enrich your lips.
Application of butter before bath cures dry lips.
Frequent use of  lipsticks Cosmetics is not correct ,Vaseline can soften lips.

Floss Daily:

It is necessary for strengthening your teeth and gums and   eradicating tiny plaque and stain, which occasionally show up in very bright light and Wisdom Teeth Care..

Watch that shade:

Some lipstick colors like shades of orange and blue make your teeth appear more yellow .They should be tried in all kinds of lighting.

Use toothpaste with baking soda and/or peroxide:

These medically acknowledged   products brighten your teeth.
Have your teeth bleached: It is better to take a dentist’s advice for recommendation of a method in order to obtain the whitest shine.

Do not wear white:

Wearing white earrings   or a white turtle neck   will not match with your yellow shaded teeth.

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