How To Maintain Dry Lips

Dry Cracked Lips

Tips for Dry Lips :

Chapped lips can be cured by hot water fermentation, followed by an application of a combination of honey and Vaseline at least thrice a week.
A high-quality lip cream acting as a moisture barrier defends lips against the elements.  Its counterirritants remove itching. Antiseptic lip creams are completely harmless keeping bacteria and germs away from chapped or fractured lips.
Application of fresh butter can soften dry lips.

You may use Chap Stick.
Coco butter or peanut butter can treat dry lips.
Dry lips can be treated by the application of powdered rose petals in milk on lips.
Dry lips can be softened by the application of a combination of   2 drops of glycerin   and ½ -teaspoon of lime juice on lips.
Your diet should include vitamins B and C.
The perfect way to treat dry lips is by applying a paste of   equivalent quantities of fresh butter, nutmeg and turmeric.
Application of a paste of   2 drops of glycerin   , 1-teaspoon of cream
of   milk can cure dry lips and also soften and polish them.

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