How To Care About Your Teeth

Tooth care tips   
Tear off 10-12 cm of dental   floss and cover it around your middle or   forefinger of each hand. Softly   work it back and forth amid 2 teeth till it slides past the taut spot. You have to be cautious   otherwise you   may injure them. After covering the floss around your teeth rub it up and down. This eliminates plaque and shines the exterior. Repetition of perfect flossing is required for each tooth. Then wash your teeth.  It depends on you whether you brush   before or after flossing. Some people favor flossing first and brushing the loose ends away.
Lastly, you must visit a dentist for at least once in 6 months to check your teeth and prevent formation of plaque.
Your diet must include ample amount of calcium, proteins and   vitamins B and C and exclude sugar because it attaches plaque   to teeth. But, if you indulge you should not forget to rinse your mouth.
Your healthy diet should also include food which needs   adequate chewing and this enables the teeth to train and generate saliva .This helps to regain calcium which was lost due to plaque.
 Massaging with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water will whiten your yellowish teeth.
The most inexpensive way to prevent tooth decay and any mouth illness is to brush your teeth with a mixture of dry neem-leaf powder and some toothpaste.
Brushing teeth with soda bicarbonate leads to white teeth, removal of nicotine and other dark stains   and also for   prevention of development of tartar.
Regular rubbing of the gums with a paste of pure mustard oil and some table salt will strengthen your teeth and treat pyorrhea.
By using an antibacterial mouthwash clean your teeth, tongue, gums, mouth and also between the te
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