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Acne is not just skin problem

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Imagine the irksome moment when you discover a pimple on your face just before your most awaited day. A pimple prone skin might leave you without notice. A simple pimple or an acne problem is the outcome of an unhealthy skin. However, we are here to provide you with some home made face care remedies for solving your acne skin problem.
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Eating plenty of green vegetables will naturally cure the Acne .

Acne on your face is one problem which can affect both the young and the old. Here we provide information on what are acne and the reasons of getting it. The testosterone hormone is responsible for the skin breaking out. Both men and women have this hormone. The boy’s bodies have to first make females testosterone hormones then only it starts making the male hormones. Having acne means you skin is overreacting to it you may need better skin care . Along with body hair, you get acne at the same time because of this reason. Because of testosterone the sebaceous glands in the skin produce sebum, which is an oily stuff. The tubes that hold the body hair becomes clogged and thus you get blackheads on your face. And together these result in acne.

Testosterone side effect: acne

Every teenager faces the problem of acne. This is just a passing phase. This is caused because of hormonal imbalance. During puberty our body produces a hormone called Testosterone. This is produced by both boys and girls. In girls it is called women testosterone. In fact boys need to produce female hormones to secrete Testosterone. An acne formation is not any abnormal production of Testosterone but it is your skin that is reacting abnormally to it. A side effect of testosterone production is acne formation. It is when the sebaceous glands of your body react to the testosterone that is produced and causes this problem.

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