Best Pimple Remedies | Six secret natural weapons to fight against Pimple

Natural Pimple cure Vegitables and fruitsOne pimple on the face is sufficient to take away the charm and spoil the overall appearance of an individual. In good olden days it was a belief that only teenagers are prone to pimples. As the youngster crosses the age of nineteen that is the end of teens, pimples would start disappearing on its own. “If you get a pimple that means you are in Love”, this used to be the famous quote in high schools.

Munching wrong food at wrong time leads to accumulation of toxins in body that causes indigestion. When body has toxins inside its system it would throw out the same in form of pimples, acne, allergy and so on.

It is possible to cure pimples naturally only with water and food which makes the body healthy and fit from inside and results in glowing skin.

Kill Pimples with few lemon drops in the water
Drink plenty of plain water during the day so as to throw out all the toxins that are hoarded inside the body. It is best to start the day with one glass of Luke warm water with 4-5 drops of fresh lemon drops in it. Warm water and lemon drops when taken on empty stomach in the morning cleanses the entire body especially the belly.  When this is practiced routinely for 2-3 months then the probability of pimples re occurrence is almost negligible.  

One Coconut Water a day will keep the pimple at bay
One coconut water a day helps the skin in regaining its lost gleam. This water gives the vital nutrients to the body that enrich the body system. It lessens the heat in the body thereby controls the pimples as a natural pimple care treatment.  Also as it is 100% pure it keeps the skin spotless.

Papaya answer to Pimple Blemishes
Same as water papaya is an excellent source for cleansing the body system. Hence, always start the day with a bowl of freshly cut papaya. In the night, before going to bed put papaya as it is in the vessel half filled with water. In this way all heat in this fruit would be liquefied in the water. Next morning peel and cut the same soaked papaya and eat it 20-30 minutes before taking the breakfast. Three months later the face skin naturally get toned and prevent pimple coming back again.

Pimple hates Citrus Fruits
All citrus fruits also assists in attaining the radiant skin. Vitamin C present in sweet lime, orange and grapes is effective in controlling the bacteria in the body that causes pimples. Never cook fruits, it looses its nutritive value and is not healthy for body. 

Green Leafy Vegetables sword to slaughter the pimple
Spinach, fenugreek and spring onions etc are good resource of keeping the stomach clean. These all should be cooked very little and without any water. It is ideal to have any one green leafy vegetable minimum once in a day at least in one meal. 

Vegetables – More or less every vegetable is exceptional for keeping the body hale and hearty but for curing the pimples most important to name are tomato, beet root and cucumber. All these are extremely helpful in keeping the skin pimple free. The best way to consume it is either to eat raw as in salads or juice. 

Human body is the miracle created by God. It is us who interferes in its smooth functioning by adapting ostentatious lifestyle and incorrect foodstuff choice like fast food, spicy meals etc that gives temporary pleasures and results in life long health tribulations. Pimples is also one such problem,  you cannot cure the pimple in  3 days Hence best is to cure the pimple naturally using natural remedies

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