How to take care of pimples – Indian skin care tips

Pimple Care Tips 1:

Do not try to wash it off

Pimples Acne is not caused due to dirt. The fact is that people with an oily skin type have a cleaner skin than rest because they wash it more. But another fact is that washing skin too often can worsen acne as it might lead to dry and sore skin . So avoid washing your skin for than couples of times and always use a mild soap. If you feel patches of dry skin then don’t hesitate in putting on a skin moisturizer . If you feel that it can worsen your acne then use oil free one.

Pimple Care Tips 2:

Do not nuke and Do not Pop pimples

You might get many creams, lotions, gels and potions in a drug store that claim to clean pimples. Most of them contain a strong bleach benzoyl peroxide. Do not follow the nuke it and pop it principle and go for the high strength one as it might irritate your skin and make it scaly and dry. You can go for a mild one though.

Pimple Skin Care Tips 3:

The 2-months rule

If counter medicines are showing no effects for 2 months then go and see your doctor. You will be prescribed antibiotics for eating or applying. Follow the instructions for at least two months to see results. Alternatively you can also use home made acne treatments.

Pimple Care Tips 5:

Pimple care advise for Girls

Just like you, there are thousands of people suffering from painful pimple and acne. You are not an alien. In fact people who really care for you won’t even notice your acne though they might maker you feel conscious. Most natural medicine treatment for pimples takes a little time. So you need to be patient. They take a minimum of 2 months. While antibiotics might take six months to some years, to produce results.

Pimple Care Tips 5:

Every month problem

Painful pimples tend to erupt more before periods. This is generally due to an increase in hormone level during this period. For boys also there is no relief as acne gets worsened after a hot and sweaty game of football. And the stress during exam time is the cause of eruptions for everyone. This is quite normal and in fact leads to more stress.

Pimple Care Tips 6:

Take care before putting it on hair or skin

Some beauty products are an absolute no-no and do not ever put them on skin or hair. These mainly include de-frizzing sprays and pomades for hair. These products along with some other types of heavy cosmetics cause an increase in blackheads along hairline. Also be careful of suntan oils. Not all suntan oils are bad but some might lead to an eruption.
This does not at all mean that you should not use a sun protection. The skin is very vulnerable under the skin though sun rays can dry out acne and a good tan might hide scars.

Pimple Care Tips 7:

Does Diet Cure Pimples?

Having chocolates and lots of oily food causes acne is nothing but a myth. But it is a fact that having a healthy and nutritious diet is good for your general well being and health. When you feel healthy and good from within then that gets reflected on your healthy skin and your face remains fresh and glowing .

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