How to Make Sensitive Skin Winter Herbal Banana Mask

Winter Herbal Banana MaskBanana face mask for sensitive skin is the safest move mainly in winters. During this time of the year the atmosphere is quite harsh due to which sensitive skin easily falls out. Therefore this face mask for winters nourishes the skin and makes it strong to fight the odds.

In winters the weather conditions are extremely stressful for the skin due to cold breeze, drying-low humidity and drop-down temperature. In such circumstances the sensitive skin becomes more delicate and falls to winter miseries. Hence, all those having the sensitive skin must apply the winter herbal banana face mask that provides the skin nourishment as well as strength to withstand the winter crabbiness.

Ingredients Required for Sensitive Skin Herbal Banana Face Mask
Banana: 2 Pieces (fully ripped)
Oatmeal: 2 Tablespoons
Egg: 1 Piece
Honey: ½ Tablespoon

Banana is anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant in nature. Due to these two properties it is helpful for protecting the sensitive skin from all sorts of allergic reactions and winter harshness. It also brings in the firmness in the facial muscles thereby provides the well toned skin. The scientific name for banana is Musa Paradisiaca.

Oatmeal being a natural cleanser clears the dirt from the skin pores without making the skin dry. It restores the natural moisture balance to aid in soothing the skin irritation and reducing all skin discomfort. After using it in the face mask, it leaves the skin smooth, soft and supple free from all impurities. Scientifically it is known as Avena Sativa.

Egg reduces enlarged skin pores. If the skin has any left behind marks of pimples, acnes or any other skin ailment then by applying egg slowly and gradually the scars present on the skin fades. And it is the best mode for skin tightening. The scientific name of egg (hen””s egg) is Gallus Gallus Domesticus.

Honey supports the skin””s capability to revitalize and restore the exhausted skin. It forms the protective shield on the sensitive skin top surface to protect it from all skin related issues. It leaves the skin as silky soft and supple. It is called as strained honey, mel scientifically.

Preparation Method for Winter Sensitive Skin Face Mask

Grate the bananas with the help of a grater. In other bowl whip the egg white and egg yolk together. To this whipped egg add mashed banana and mix well. Next mix oatmeal and honey. Blend well to get the smooth paste having the fine texture.

Application Technique of Herbal Banana Winter Sensitive Skin Mask
As usual, first cleanse the face and neck skin. Then dab the paste on the skin. Next massage the face by moving the fingers in circular motion gently. Ensure the fingers reach out across the face and neck. Carry it out for a minute or two. Leave the mask on the skin for 15 minutes so that the juices of ingredients present in the face are absorbed within the skin layers. Next after the set time duration is over rinse off the mask with lukewarm water. Lastly using the soft napkin wipe out the face and neck.

In order to get the best results use this herbal face mask once in a week. Winters are not bad in every aspect but it is little too tough on sensitive skin. Therefore, use this winter herbal banana face mask to prepare the skin to endure all odds of this season yet stay looking healthy and glowing skin!

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