How to Apply Summer Makeup For Tropical Look

How to apply summer makeupThe old way of applying makeup is that after you have put on your makeup you have to pack on the powder to keep it matte and keep it on, as a result of which your skin starts sweating. Obviously your skin will like to get rid of this irritation. Normal thing for it to do, but not if you want it to stay on. There is much availability of mineral- oil free and lanolin – oil free products in the market. They are usually the culprit in the ”feel” of the product. Your face becomes shiny within a few hours by the oil sitting in your face. If you haven”t read the Summer makeup tips also the makeup foundation, we recommend to read them first.

The new way of makeup is to apply the mixture of powder with
foundation. It absorbs the oils  and a bit of wax which melts in heat.
It summer proofs your look. This can be done with any of your cream,
liquid products or lipstick. Summarization of each product individually
is required. You have to avoid that ”heavy” powdered look, and yet the
product stays on.

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