Summer hair care tips

Hairs are the most imperative part of the women’s beauty. Summer brings in lots of energy but it is also accompanied with the scorching sun. The heat emitted from sun in this season leaves hair dry and brittle. If proper care is not taken then split ends are bound to happen in frizzy as well as straight hair. In order to prevent the hair from the summer damage and maintain the healthy hair every individual has to put in some extra efforts. With the appropriate heed the hair damage can be avoided and no measures would be required to repair the summer damages during fall and winter.
Oiling: Oiling hair before hair wash is very crucial. Usually coconut oil is ideal for oiling all twelve months in the year but in the season of hot sun jojoba oil can be preferred for hair oiling as it makes the dried hairs much softer. It is very healthy for curly hair too. This oil gives a protective shield to the hair in the sunny days from sun and also from the chemicals in the shampoo. Make the oil little warm before applying on the scalp. With the help of finger tips put oil every where on the head and then give gentle massage for 5-10 minutes. In the end, take little oil (required according to the length of hairs) between the palms and rub both hands all over the hair together lengthwise. This oil massage should be done at least 4-5 hours ahead of the wash. If possible, do the oiling in night and wash hairs in the morning. For 2-3 months during summer always do oiling with jojoba oil prior to every wash in order to maintain the soft hair. This would also prevent the hair from getting the split ends and scalp from dandruff.
Head Wash: One must only use regular tap water for hair wash. It should not be hot because hot water makes hair roots very weak.Summer hair care tips using kitchen counter top Use mild shampoo for hair wash. After every hair wash always use hair conditioner especially in summers. With the application of hair conditioner the lost moisture of hair during the shampoo wash is retained back along with the much wanted shine. Once or twice in a month henna is also recommended. It is the best natural conditioner. Instead of using shampoo gentle mixture of two teaspoon of amla and one teaspoon of each shikakai and reeta powder can be used. These are natural products that are beneficial in every aspect.
Drying the Hair: Hair dryers must be avoided, as it causes lot of damage to the scalp as well as hair strands. Let the hair dry out naturally in the air. Moreover, in the summer the air is quite hot because of which the hair would dry in just couple of minutes.  Also all the hot hair tools such as electric curlers and hot irons must be strictly stayed away from in summer. These tools would make the hair more dry and brittle.
Do and Don’t in the Summer: Always cover the head either with a cap or scarf before stepping out of the house in daytime. Direct heat from sun is too much destructive for hair. Regular trimming is a must as the split ends in case it occurs are cut then and there. Before going for swimming, always make your hair wet. This would enable less absorption of chlorine in the hairs from the chlorinated water in the swimming pool.
After swimming use mild shampoo to clean the chlorine residues from the scalp and hairs. All sort of coloring is a big no-no this summer as it leaves the hair very dry. Any kind of curls, hair straightening or perming must be evaded in every case.  Some people use alcohol like beer to wash hair, it is good but not at all suitable for summer hence should be ignored.
This little care and precaution of hairs this summer would promise lot of benefits for the rest of the year and also avert the worries like hair fall, split ends and dandruff etc. After all it is a universal fact; act today wisely to avoid tensions tomorrow. “Prevention is better than Cure”.

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