Dark skin lightening around intemate area using natural remedies

Dark  skin lightening around intimate area with Lemon and Aloe vera

Dark skin around the intimate area, also known as hyperpigmentation, can be a source of embarrassment and self-consciousness for many women. While it is normal for the skin in this area to be darker than the rest of the body, certain factors such as hormonal changes, genetics, and friction can contribute to the development of dark skin.

Fortunately, there are several natural remedies that can help to lighten dark skin around the vagina. These remedies are safe, effective, and easy to use in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Exfoliating Scrub: Gently exfoliating the skin can help to remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover, which may help to reduce the appearance of dark skin. Mix equal parts sugar and coconut oil to make a natural exfoliating scrub. Gently massage the scrub onto the affected area and then rinse it off with warm water.
  2. Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is a natural skin lightener and can help to reduce the appearance of dark skin. Mix equal parts lemon juice and water and apply it to the affected area. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.
  3. Aloe Vera: Aloe vera gel is a natural skin moisturizer and can help to reduce the appearance of dark skin. Apply aloe vera gel to the affected area and leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.
  4. Turmeric: Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that can help to reduce the appearance of dark skin. Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder with one tablespoon of yogurt and apply it to the affected area. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.
  5. Sandalwood and Rosewater: Sandalwood and rosewater have natural cooling and lightening properties that can help to reduce the appearance of dark skin. Mix one teaspoon of sandalwood powder with two tablespoons

Chinese remedy to reduce the hyperpigmentation around intimate area

Chinese medicine has a rich history of using natural remedies for various health concerns, including skin lightening. Here are some Chinese natural remedies that may be helpful for lightening the skin in the intimate area:

  1. Licorice root: Licorice root has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine for its skin-lightening properties. It can be used as a topical cream or taken as a supplement.
  2. Mulberry root: Mulberry root is believed to have skin-lightening properties and has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine to improve the overall health and appearance of the skin.
  3. Pearl powder: Pearl powder is believed to have skin-lightening properties and has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine to improve the overall health and appearance of the skin.
  4. Chinese angelica: Chinese angelica is believed to have skin-lightening properties and has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine to improve the overall health and appearance of the skin.
  5. Shou Wu: Shou Wu is a herb that has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine to improve the overall health and appearance of the skin, as well as to lighten dark spots.

It’s important to note that these remedies may not have the same level of effectiveness as some of the over the counter or prescription treatment options, and also, results may vary from person to person. It’s always best to consult with a qualified herbalist, a naturopathic doctor, or a healthcare provider before trying any new treatment, especially if you have sensitive skin or a history of skin reactions. Additionally, it’s important to be aware of the potential side effects and interactions with other medications.

Face Care Natural beauty tips and Treatments

Face as they say is the mirror of your expression as well your personality. So you should keep your face clean by using natural face cleaning, homemade facial sauna , organic facials etc. A beautiful face looks healthy and gives confidence. Earlier there was little knowledge and enthusiasm to take care of your face. But now the times have changed and there are many natural ways to brighten your face .

Importance of Natural Face Treatments
It is better to use natural facial treatments at all ages. Age is not a bar to take care of your face. It all depends on the way we take care of ourselves. Devote some time for natural face treatments. After all we should not miss out on some deserving thing from our life. Also use only natural treatments to pimples on oily skin, blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads and retain the glow on your face naturally, recommended by Natural beauty tips Homemade Herbal Powder recipe to cure Pimple fast
Try this natural herbal pimple paste made out of Indian herbals such as Neem patra powder (Melia azadirachta) , Sukhad powder (Chandan) and 10 other ingredients.

Curing Pimples using Homemade herbal remedy
Herbal Pimples home treatment for oily skin, dry skin types. White onions, rock salt, honey combination paste will cure pimples step by step.
Natural to cure pimples for free
Home remedies made from natural product cure pimples fast.Grandmas from India often recommend
Mix of cloves with water and Tomato juice to cure pimple faster without scar and wrinkles.
Natural anti aging facial masks

What type of skin and types of skin problem

Find your  skin type and  skin care solution

We all pamper our skin with different types of lotions and creams, but we need to remember that different skin types need different moisturizers. So first try to understand your own skin type. You must be careful while doing so. As discussed in  natural beauty tips

Oily in some parts of the face
and dry in others Skin types cannot be altered permanently but they can be kept temporarily in check with a suitable skin care routine.

Type of skin Skin Nature
Oily Skin Shining skin under light
Dry skin Feels dry and flaky and often look taut
Combination Skin Both oily and dry

Steps to find your skin type

Best Facial Massage for your Skin and Face

Self facial massage benefits an individual mentally and physically. It is a great aid to relieve tensions and mental stress. It helps physically by reducing fatigue and energizing the body. It can be done in few simple steps. Just ensure to keep the massage strokes soft and gentle yet firm.

Facial massage is done to rejuvenate and feel relaxed. Massage helps the skin to get fresh oxygen that is excellent for repairing the dead cells and stimulate the live cells. In addition it also cures many diseases. Hence, it should be carried out for attaining good health and striking looks. Self facial massaging is simple to execute. It can be done on own with simple facial massage techniques.

Ahead of starting the self facial massage clean the face with cleansing milk. It is done so because any dirt stuck on face has to be removed else the dirt will get circulated all over the face along with the massage cream/oil. There are many creams available in the market specially made for facial massage.

Step 1: Apply Oil on Face
Facial Massage for Beautiful SkinTake one tablespoon oil/cream into the palm of one hand and with finger of other hand tap the oil all over the face. Leave the eyes and lips. Facial massage can be done with any cream or oil that suits the skin. All the strokes during the entire massage session must be in upward direction. It must start from the center then moving outwards. All the circular stokes should be in anti-clockwise direction.

Step 2: Massage the Jaw Line
Tap the fingers around the jaw line. Make an “oooh”-shaped mouth and move fingers upward and downward. The strokes must be gentle. This massage stroke helps in minimizing the soft lines.

Step 3: Underneath the Chin
Bring the fingers from mouth area to beneath the chin. Move the finger in small circular movements. This shall augment the blood flow and stimulates the skin cells.

Step 4: Turn to Cheekbones
Gradually move from chin to cheekbones. Press the top of the cheekbones with finger tips and come up to the temples. Do it 4-5 times. Then at the temples rotate the index finger very slowly first in clockwise direction 5-6 times then after in anti-clockwise direction. This shall release all the tensions and stress.

Step 5: Come to the Nose
Apply pressure above the bridge of the nose with the middle finger of both hands simultaneously from both sides. In between, hold for couple of seconds and then release. Ensure to have a soft hand. Next move the index finger of both hands from its respective sides up and down from the nostrils to the middle of both the eyebrows.

Step 6: Time to Massage the Forehead
Start from the center of the forehead and move towards the temples. Move the index finger in anti-clockwise direction applying gentle pressure. Tap the eyebrows with the finger tips to relax for a while. Also rotate the index finger on the closed eyes in anti-clockwise direction very softly.

Step 7: In the End Chance for Ears
At last, move the fingers on the ears from top to bottom. Also behind the ears rub the index finger in upward to downward direction.

All the strokes must be done 4-5 times. It would take not more than 15 minutes to complete the self facial massage. It shall not only enhance the blood flow but most important shall relieve all the worries and relax you completely. Start your day with this gentle facial massage and be energetic for the rest of the day. Have a nice day!

Dry face facial clean oily face deep facial clean tips

Women who wear make up on a daily basis should religiously follow the regime of facial cleaning, facial toning and moisturizing every evening and also use a natural face wash or a facial cleanser each morning.

Facial Cleansing

Facial cleansers will remove all trace of make up along with the dirt and grease that might have accumulated during day. Using natural remedies for facial cleaning is always recommended as it is safer than chemical based cleaners.

Natural facial cleaning Procedure

  • Dip a cotton bud in eye cleansing lotion and remove mascara. Keeping your hair off the face will make work much easier.Facial Cleaning using natural home made recipes
  • Dip a clean cotton wool pad in eye cleansing lotion and use it to remove eye shadow.
  • Use your palms to dab face cleansing cream over chin, nose, cheeks and forehead.
  • The cream should be massaged well in the skin. Start from throat and continue with an upward motion.
  • Use your fingertips to continue massaging till forehead.
  • Eye to nose area should also be massaged with cream. This area is quite sensitive so use gentle strokes.
  • Use your index finger to massage again on chin. The chin area is massaged gain since it is most susceptible to blackheads.
  • Then remove the cream with tissues from chin towards forehead. This should be done using upwards strokes by starting from your chin and then working your way up towards forehead.

Natural face brightener

Natural face whitening with organic productsYou can look gorgeous as well as graceful by just spending some time to nourish and care for skin . Here are some skin whitening tips on using skin brighteners and achieving natural Face whitening using organic products.
Never try any chemical related Face skin whitening products, Read the Skin whitening products side effects to protect your natural skin color.
Homemade face brightener recipe using lemonBoil and cool oatmeal in water and mix lemon juice in it. It works as an excellent face whitener. Another option is to mix the organic lemon juice with equal parts of glycerin and natural almond oil to clear blackheads on your face as well as acne scar whitening. Try other Homemade Natural Skin whitening remedies
Natural food for healthy skin may specify more tips on face brightener like blackberry skin lightening cream and skin caring. You can also check the lemon face lightening pack.

Face whitening natural face mask recipe

Applying  face skin brightener fruit facial mask will reduce the concentration of melanin to lead the face skin discoloration.For darker underarm you can apply sandalwood powder as a underarm discoloration remedy
Face Brightener Papaya Honey face Mask
Chinese peal powder facial mask for skin brightener
Tomato skin brightener facial recipe.

Face whitening Cream Review
Face whitening cream review. Face whitening creams are formulated to reduce melanin secretion so as to lighten up skin tone. Analyzing the ingredient components is a must to do step while selecting the best face whitening creams.

Skin Lightening Cream
Gatineau Cream
Fair and Lovely
Rosance Cream
Kanebo Freshel Whitening Cream
Olay Natural White Day Cream

Fruit Face Masks for glowing face

Fruits being 100% natural foster the skin with essential vitamins and endow with antioxidant protection. Pulp and juice of fresh fruits can be used for facial mask. It acts as deep cleanser and natural moisturizer for the oily skin. The juice of fruits penetrates in the skin and act as a facial cleaning agent by cleansing the face deep pores present within the inner layers of the skin. It also refreshes the dead cells and brighten the face skin.

Benefits of Fruit Facial Mask

There are numerous benefits of applying natural fruits on face as facial mask. Few to mention are it reduces the blemishes, tones up the skin and remove the wrinkles on the face. When the fruit mask is left on the skin for 10-15 minutes, it slowly dries up and when it is removed the dead skin comes off with it smoothly there by improving and lightening the complexion and make the face glow . Apart from the outer beauty, these masks give deep mental relaxation.

Guidelines for Fruit Facial Mask Application

All the natural face masks must be applied on the clean face and kept on the face only for 15-20 minutes, after which it must be rinsed thoroughly either with clean luke warm water or normal tap water ( facial cleaning ).

How long to keep face mask

Warning: If one keeps the packs for a longer duration mainly those that thickens while drying then it stretches the skin, tires the soft facial tissues & muscles and increases the likelihood of dry skin and  face wrinkles.

Face masks is for relaxing

While having the face pack on the face, one should simply relax either by lying straight on the bed or sitting in one position.

Caution of Wrinkles
Talking, moving head or making any facial movements is strictly forbidden because it stretches the skin and could lead to aging wrinkles.

Papaya Fruit Mask Recipe for Glowing Face

Mix 4 teaspoons green cosmetic clay and 1½ teaspoon of aloe vera gel to ½ cup of papaya pulp. Make a fine paste by mixing all three thoroughly. Apply on the face and neck leaving eyes and lips. Let it be on the face for 15 minutes after which wash with plain warm water. Papaya is an excellent source of enhancing the complexion.

Natural Homemade Skin Brightening Remedies for skin lightening treatment

The $45 billion Beauty Business captures a huge portion of natural skin lightening. The market is loaded with huge products claiming fairer skin, some of which may work but those in which harsh face whitening chemicals are filled and are just for the name purpose, are just not effective. pineapple-slicesI rightly cannot be the person to comment on the whitening cream as I have never used any. Please don’t forget to check the side effects of skin whitening products. But what I am sure of is that there is no need to go for the bottled ones when you can easily make better and cheaper ones at home, right into your kitchen without much effort. It is definitely easier than the trip down the store.

Skin Whitening Remedies:

green-papaya2Want to know natural skin lightening remedies from me? Well, then according to me more effective and safe would be the natural face packs about which I can let you know like the one skin lightening remedy using lemon.
Hydroquinone, Glycolic Acid, Fruit Enzymes, Kojic Acid, Arbutin and Licorice are the general constituents utilized in almost all skin whitening and fairness serums, lotions and creams. Papaya.

Face lightening with Black berry,
ripe-pumpkin-face-brightnerPapaya, Pumpkin and Pineapple Face Pack
Organic Skin Whitening Ingredients

  •   Pine apple-3tbsp
  •   Green Papaya-3tbsp
  •   Ripe pumpkin-3tbsp

Use a hand blender mix the ingredients and make a paste to put on the face. Then after 20 minutes rinse the applied paste from your face. You can also try lemon skin lightening remedy.

To use it as a mask that can be peeled off, the following way should be tried:
  • Mix ½ cup juice of pineapple, papaya and pumpkin and a pack of unflavored gelatin all together.
  • In order that the gelatin dissolves, boil the ingredients. There after cool it or refrigeration for a while can also be done.
  • It should be applied for at least 20 minutes on the face or until one feels ready to remove.

3 days refrigeration can be done to the mixture but the mask peeled off cannot be refrigerated.
These skin brightener tips are sure to work wonders on your pigmented, spotted skin and with constantly and religiously following the recipes you may notice the changes within a span of few days only, say about 16 days itself. The recipes are tried and tested and are aptly called grandma recipes which have worked wonders for them when no synthetic cosmetics were present in the market. Wish you natural skin whitening that is harmless.

Face Skin Brightening Cream Review
Face whitening cream review. Face whitening creams are formulated to reduce melanin secretion so as to lighten up skin tone. Analyzing the ingredient components is a must to do step while selecting the best face whitening creams.

Fruit Facial Mask Recipes|Pear Facial Mask

The pear mask is made using 1 ripe pear, ½ teaspoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of heavy cream. First peel the fruit and cut into small pieces. Pear should be completely ripe, either mash it with the spoon or grate it. To the mashed/grated pear, add honey and heavy cream. Mix all together and put in on the face and neck using a brush. It would take 15 minutes for the mask to dry. After this time duration even if the mask is not totally dry take it off. Pear tones up the skin effectively.

Strawberry Face Mask for Glowing Skin

Strawberry face mask for oily skin Take ½ cup ripe strawberries and ¼ cup cornstarch. Mix both things together to make a paste. As usual apply this mixture on the face and neck and let it be as it is for 20 minutes. Later rinse with cold water. Strawberries are best for oily skin.

Apple Fruit Masks for Facial Cleaning

Take one ripe apple and cut into pieces. Grind these pieces in the food processor/mixer using no or minimum water. Then add 2 tablespoons of honey and ½ teaspoon of sage to the grounded apple paste. Mix it well and refrigerate for 10 minutes. Later apply it and let it dry for 20 minutes. Finally in the end either pull it off gently or rinse with cold water.

Remove whitehead at home

Remove whitehead in natural way at home Difference Between Whiteheads and BlackHeads

Whiteheads are caused due to accumulated hardened serum and oils inside skin pores. The only difference between Whiteheads and Blackheads on your face is that it takes place on fine and delicate portions of skin that is not exposed to air and hence does not get oxidized so the tips are not darkened as in case of blackheads. Instead the whiteheads appear as white, tiny raised spots on the skin. They are generally found on nose, cheekbone or other such fine skin places. For people with oily skin , they are just a part of their problems of skin that includes blackheads on your face , acne on your face and pimples on your face.

Removing Whiteheads safely at home

As advised in Natural beauty tips , You can remove whiteheads at home.

Use beauty grains and skin tonic to rub gently over the whitehead affected area and then rinse off with warm water. This kind of deep pores cleansing, prevents formation of whiteheads and the dermatological abrasive action of grains is also great for dislodging them with time.

You should never remove whitehead forcibly or with a blackheads remover . The pores are not open in their cases. Forcibly removing whiteheads might damage tissues of skin and lead to infection. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your food and drink adequate amount of water and fruit juices. Lemon juice with warm water also cleanses the body of toxic waste material and helps in eliminating waste. These are some good natural treatments for whitehead removal . For blackheads removal read How to Get Rid of Blackheads

Makeup After Facial | Face Makeup|Face Care|Face Mask|Makeup|Skin Care

Face MakeupMakeup must be applied after 12-13 hours of facial. It is crucial to let the skin settle down after the facial redness and skin burning sensation. Also the skin must be nourished utterly, relaxed and re-energized before any other cosmetic application.

Facial cleanses and exfoliates the skin. Post facial, skin is able to breathe naturally as all undesirables such as blackheads, pimples and dead skin are removed from the face. Hence, it is best not to apply any makeup as least 12 hours after the facial.

Allow the Redness on the Skin to Sink

Facial is a step by step procedure for rejuvenating the skin. The first step is to clean the skin followed by the massage and steaming through the steam vapor in order to soften the skin and open the facial pores. Next is the extraction of blackheads and pimples. This particular step involves pushing the skin pores to pull out the puss in the pimples as well as to take out the blackheads that are little bumps entrenched into the pores of the skin. This step of extraction irritates the skin quite a lot and it is shown through the redness on the face. Finally the facial mask is applied in the end.

The pores become clean after the facial but the redness becomes too prominent. The facial redness states that skin in still not fully healed up and is not ready for any further cosmetic application. For this reason makeup must be applied only after the redness is settled down.

Permit the Skin to Absorb the Goodies of the Facial Mask
The extraction step in the facial is followed by applying face mask. The ingredients used for making the mask helps to unclog the pores thereby enhance the blood circulation. The increased flow of blood deep inside the skin tightens the pores and nourishes the skin. As a result leaves the skin toned, glowing and refreshed. After the mask is washed off with plain water it is highly recommended not to rub the skin too much instead pat dry it gently with soft towel. Also, it is suggested not to further apply any makeup for next 12 hours because the ingredients of the mask that penetrates within the skin needs some time to be absorbed fully and respond positively with the skin. When makeup is applied on the face soon after the facial is over, the cosmetics used for makeup blocks the pores again and the assenting effects of facial are yet to be realized.

Let the Skin Breathe and Relax Scrupulously
Facial skin goes through a lot of trauma everyday. Facial is relaxing but the redness and slight burning sensation is too much for the skin to tolerate. Once these two after effects of facial settles down skin entails a short time to breathe freely and relax to feel fresh. Subsequent to these crucial 12-13 hours skin is yet again geared up for the taking makeup or any other cosmetic application. One most important point to be kept into consideration is to rub ice gently on the face before applying makeup. It ensures the pores are close again and skin is clean to get going.

Makeup certainly enhances the beauty but from outside while facial take good care of skin from internally as well as externally. Thereby it is wise to garner the proceeds of facial first and apply makeup later. Do not hurry for makeup soon after facial. Rest verdict lies in your hand!

Cleanse Facial Oily Skin Natural Way with Herbal Mix

The most important rule for oily skin care is to keep it clean from the natural oil and dirt. To realize this purpose, cleanse the face and neck having oily skin with herbal mix made from barely, orange peel powder and mil powder.

The herbal beauty care for oily skin first and foremost demands to keep the skin clean. It would call for cleansing the skin thoroughly with herbal mix 2-3 times in a day along with frequent splash of water on face. The reason being the top surface of oily skin tends to get greasy recurrently which attracts dirt and might cause pimples therefore it is crucial to keep cleansing the face.

Ingredients Required for Making the Herbal Cleansing Mix for Oily Skin
Barley Flour: ½ cupHerbal Facial Cleansers for Oily Skin
Orange Peel Powder: ½ cup
Milk Powder: ¼ cup

Barley Flour absorbs the excess oil from the skin””s top surface. It leaves the skin soft and supple. The scientific name of barley is Hordeum Vulgare. To make the flour of barley grind the barley grains in the flour mill.

Orange Peel Powder efficiently cleanses the skin by pulling out all the accumulated dirt from the skin within the pores. It also heaves out the extra oil that is unwanted on the skin top layer. To prepare the orange peel powder, dry out the orange peel in hot sun. Once the peel is fully dried and becomes crisp grind it in the mixer to make the fine powder. Citrus aurantium var. dulcis and C. aurantium var. sinensis are the scientific names for orange peel.

Milk Powder removes the dir

Way to Prepare the Oily Skin Cleansing Herbal Mix
Mix all three ingredients together in the mentioned quantity in bowl. Store this dry mix powder in a fully dried bottle. Keep the bottle at a location that is away from sun.

Application Technique to Cleanse the Oily Skin with Herbal Mix
On the palm of one hand, take one tablespoon of prepared herbal mix and three teaspoon lukewarm water. Mix both well. If required take little more water to make a fine paste. Apply this paste on face and neck with the index finger. Make sure it reaches across the face and neck. Then slowly move your fingers in anti-clockwise direction very gently for 2 minutes all over the skin having paste. If the paste comes out while massaging then it is fine else do not scrub it hard and rinse well with lukewarm water. Then after splash water on the skin nicely and slightly pat dry with a soft napkin. Rest let it dry in natural air.

When to Use the Cleansing Herbal Mix for Oily Skin
It can be used once or twice day. Use it preferably first in the morning and next in the evening. With this it does not lets the oil collect on the skin and also does not allow the dirt to settle down. This herbal mix is safe to use all through the year.

The mantra to maintain the oily skin healthy is to keep the oily skin oil and dirt free. To achieve this use the herbal mix particularly created to cleanse the oily skin.

Banana Fruit Mask for Glowing Face

It is a fabulous fruit for beauty treatments. Ripe banana is excellent for toning and moisturizing the skin. For the mask take two ripe medium bananas and little honey. Mash the banana and add honey to it and also few drops of rose water. Smooth this paste and leave it on face for only 10 minutes. After cleaning, one can observe the soft skin with glow.

Orange Face Mask for Glowing Skin

Crush the orange into a pulp. Add one egg yolk to the pulp and mix well. Place this mixture on dampened skin for 15 minutes and then rinse off. This mask is ideal for oily skin. In place of egg, alternatively honey could also be used.

These fruit face masks are simply brilliant for the skin. It not only activates the dead cells in the inner layers of skin but also enhance the glow on the face. Beauty experts propose that these pure fruit mask should be used minimum once in a week. With regular use it could also lessen skin disorders if any. In this stressful and hectic life pamper yourself and sooth your skin with these absolutely chemical free fruit masks. Try it and feel the difference!!

Facial home made sauna

Facial home made sauna

Giving your face a natural sauna treatment is a good way to deep cleanse it. It is a great way to clean a normal type skin . For such natural skin treatment, just take a bowl of water which is nearly boiling and then add around 4 drops of each of the essential drops as required by your skin type .

Facial Natural Sauna Oil

Applying sauna Oil and Facial treatment

As advised in Natural beauty tips,   For normal skin you should use Lavender and Mandarin oil. For oily skin you should go for oily face skin oils like Eucalyptus and lemon oil. While for dry skin type, Chamomile and Rose oil is recommended.

Facial Treatment after Sauna

After this, keep a towel over your head and then hold it at a distance of around thirty cm over the bowl for about a couple of minutes. This process helps in opening of skin pores and thus makes it ready for a face mask. This is the way to do homemade sauna .

Homemade blackhead removal Tips

Best way to remove blackheadsReason behind Black heads

Teens are mostly affected by . Women and girls specially feel upset on appearance of blackheads on face . The main reason behind their occurrence is because of improper skin care , hormonal imbalance or lack op proper nutrition.

Do not Squeeze the Blackheads

Squeezing or picking of blackheads may lead to scars. The area should be kept squeaky clean with natural cleansers. to remove blackheads at home , you can also use soaps or antibacterial cleaners formulated for greasy skins . Here are homemade treatment tips on how to remove blackheads .

Safely remove blackheads in five easy steps

  • Step 1:
    Mix quarter cup of water with three drops of iodine and one teaspoon of salt.
  • Step 1:
    The mixture should be comfortably cooled before using it on face.
  • Step 2:
    Dip a cotton ball in it and apply on blackheads.
    This will make them loosen a bit so that they can be
    easily removed using a gauze pad.
  • Step 3:
    Oily skin people can apply a toner on T-zone and rinse later. Also use a clay mask to soak excess oil.
  • Step 4:
    In case of an emergency like a wedding or interview, you can reduce swelling and redness by getting a cortisone injection from doctor. It immediately calms a pimples on your face.
  • Step 5:
    Alternatively, you can apply some cortisone cream, or Vasocon, or Preparation H that you will get in any drug store.

Though it is a temporary blackhead treatment but it is ideal for people who can not stand needles.

Facial toning for effective facial cleansing

Facial toning Procedure

Face toning is very important as it removes dirt and left over make up after facial cleansing and also helps in toning facial muscles.

Steps to apply facial toning

  • Apply toner just after cleansing.
  • Apply it on forehead, cheeks, crevices around nose and chin.
  • Use a cotton wool pad for this purpose.

Facial toning might be followed with Natural face moisturizing. Also Facial sauna and Natural Facial cleansing are performed prior to Facial toning , recommended by Natural beauty tips

side effects of skin whitening | skin lightening side effects

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

how true is this statement?
Certainly it is true as each and every individual has their own likes and dislikes. Someone may find dusky beauty with big impressive eyes while someone else may look for attractive features.

Unfortunately, there are people who associate beauty with only white skin. For such people fairness or white skin is the only predominant indicator of beauty. This however, is quite unfair and unrealistic.

(Read the skin whitening practice in Africa) Due to this erroneous thinking many young girls with the only mindset of looking beautiful, use skin whitening injection, whitening moisturizer, skin lightening pills and black skin discoloration creams etc to change their natural skin colour to white. They are completely unaware of the harmful effects of skin whitening products in the long run.

(Skin lightening product danger  on black skin color people at france) Innocent girls hiding from their parents utilize these products and face lot of problems due to its side effects at later stage of their life. 

Side Effects of Skin Whitening Products
Lifestyle stores and shops offer a wide variety of skin whitening products asserting of no side effects. Such claims should not be believed at all because almost all fast skin whitening products consists of hydroquinone as its main component.
Researchers after in depth study confirm that this ingredient might cause fatal diseases like cancer.

Skin bleaches that attract the customers by claiming to make them fair
should be completely avoided as it contains harmful ammoniated mercury.
This drug is hazardous as it could cause severe skin problems in the
future.This has been banned by FDA.

Face whitening Cream Review
Face whitening cream review. Face whitening creams are formulated to reduce melanin secretion so as to lighten up skin tone. Analyzing the ingredient components is a must to do step while selecting the best face whitening creams.

Acne Scars Blemishes Skin whitening Products

Removing Chronic Acne scar blemishes with skin whitening    In cases of stubborn acne scars blemishes skin whitening treatment helps a lot. But for this one has to first understand the different types of skin discoloration caused by acne and freckles.  Acne scars are superficial while freckles appear deeper in the skin.  Skin whiteners work according to the type of acne which caused the scar in the first place.  An imbalance of skin oil causes whiteheads, which appear below the skin surface. 
Skin whiteners work according to the type of acne which caused the scar. Acne skin whitening products mainly work by suppressing the production of melanin. People suffering from chronic acne think that acne skin whitening products help them.  But the real cause of acne is skin drynessAcne skin whitening only helps with skin discoloration, and not the underlying moisture imbalance. 

Stubborn Chronic acne and Blemishes:

Chronic acne results in stubborn blemishes and scars.  Can these acne scars be removed by acne skin whitening products?

The discolorations that result from acne are quite different from those caused by freckles; acne scars are superficial, but freckles form on a much deeper skin layer.

Acne Skin lighteners work depending on the kind of acne which formed the scar. The different types of acne are closed comedo or whitehead, open comedo or blackhead, pustule, papule, cyst, acne conglobata which forms on the chest, back and buttocks, and each of these leave a different type of acne scar.

Chicken pox Skin Spot Whitening:

Acne can cause different types of scars like pick scars, chicken pox like scars, crater like scars and hypertrophic scars which are rubbery and dark red. If you are fortunate you may just get macules which are reddish and flat spots which disappear within six months without a trace.

Skin Discoloration to imbalance the melanin:

When a skin lesion heals, it leaves behind a discoloration, which may remain for 18 months.  This type of scar is most often experienced by acne sufferers.
Acne Skin Whitening products mainly suppress the production of melanin, and are effective in skin discoloration resulting from melanin imbalance.  Acne scar bleaching products cannot treat scars which affect the skin surface and not the color.  They can fade post inflammatory discoloration and freckles. 

People who suffer from acne expect acne scar whitening products to help them.  But the actual cause of acne is skin dryness.  Acne skin whitening can help only in the case of skin discoloration, while the underlying moisture/oil imbalance remains.  The imbalance has to be fixed first, and then the scars may be treated.

Balancing acne blemishes with exfoliation:

Only essences and serums can help you to achieve balance because they go deep into the skin.  With regular use, you can achieve the required balance of skin moisture and oil.  As the skin gets properly hydrated, the cells which were damaged by acne get healed and at the same time, the acne will decrease.

When the required balance in your skin is achieved, the previous damage has to be repaired.  Exfoliation is the best treatment for scarring, and for this you can use scrubs and masks to get rid of dead skin.

Some types of severe acne may be hormonal in nature, in which case you need to consult a doctor.  If the scars are very stubborn, then, too, you may need a doctor’s help for chemical peel. Using chemical ingredients for skin whitening or skin discoloration is very dangerous. Please don””t forget to read the skin whitening product side effects.

Face whitening Cream Review
Face whitening cream review. Face whitening creams are formulated to reduce melanin secretion so as to lighten up skin tone. Analyzing the ingredient components is a must to do step while selecting the best face whitening creams.

Home Remedies for Reducing Knee Darkness

Home Remedies for Reducing Knee Darkness  Darkened knees can be treated with basil leaf extract also with other recommended natural skin lightening remedies. For this treatment take 1 teaspoon basil leaf extract, 2 tablespoon milk cream and a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix all together and apply it on discolored knees before sleeping in night. Sleep straight for 15-20 to let the paste dry on the knee skin.

Leave it overnight and next day morning using water rinse it off. Use this remedy once in a week to see the noticeable change in the color of the knee skin. All three ingredients in the paste pulls off all the accumulated dirt on the knee skin and tries to bring back the original skin color of knee.

Get Rid of Dark Knees with Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is best natural bleach and is ideal remedy for lightening the dark skin. Make a paste mixing together 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon vitamin E oil, 1 teaspoon glycerin and 4 tablespoon milk. Massage the dry knees with this paste in circular movement for 15 minutes. Then let the paste stay on the knee for another 5 minutes. Later clean it with water.

This paste not only lightens the knee darkness but also makes the knee skin soft. It shall also lend a hand to get rid of the dark spots on knees. Moreover, vitamin E oil present in the paste enters the skin pours and nourishes the knee skin till deep inside the layers.

Almonds Effective Skin Lightening Remedy for Darker Knees

One more solution to usual problem of ‘How to lighten dark knees?’ is almond. Take 7-8 almonds, 1 teaspoon honey, 2 tablespoon unboiled milk and a pinch of turmeric powder. Soak almonds overnight in milk. Next morning grind the almonds in the same milk. To this paste mix honey and turmeric. Massage this paste on dark knees for 2-3 minutes then leave it to dry. Once it is dried rinse it off with lukewarm water. The ingredients present in the paste shall make the dark dry knee skin free of dirt and naturally lighten the skin color of knees.

The regular application of these home remedies for reducing the knee darkness shall forever take care of questions like ‘how to get rid of dark knees?’ or ‘how to lighten dark knees?’ Along with the knee skin lightening homemade pastes also clean the knees everyday while bathing. Pamper the dark knuckles too as other body parts after all it does a lot for us!

Face whitening Cream Review
Face whitening cream review. Face whitening creams are formulated to reduce melanin secretion so as to lighten up skin tone. Analyzing the ingredient components is a must to do step while selecting the best face whitening creams.

Face Skin Tone Brightening Cream for 20 years

Meladerm Cream is recognized in the beauty industry as the finest face skin lightening cream. It holds the “2005 Beauty With Science Winner” as the validation of being the best in the skin lightening product category.
Safe Skin Bleaching Cream

The cream has smooth texture. After applying it on the face there is no sticky feeling. It has pleasing slight smell. It is made from all natural vegetable and fruit extracts namely mulberry, bearberry, licorice and lemon juice. It is free from harsh chemically produced skin bleaching agents like hydroquinone, steroids or mercury etc. Hence, the natural ingredients in the cream make it safe to use as there are no side effects noticed after it is applied on the skin.

It functions to minimize the effects of melanosomes and enzyme tyrosinase that leads to skin pigmentation. Also the natural extracts present in the creams controls the pigments within the skin thereby prevent the skin from becoming dark. The manufacturers of the product claims that the cream is effective for minimizing any sort of discoloration such as freckles, scars, pimple and acne marks. It also helps in reducing the skin darkness at underarms, knees, lips and elbows.

The result after the product use is dependent on facial skin type, skin tone and degree of skin exposure to sun However, on an average some difference in the skin color can be observed in 3-4 weeks. A complete change over could be seen after the regular use of cream for 6 months.

Everything in the universe has both plus and minus and so is this cream. Accepted, it is effective but very expensive. Secondly in few cases it is possible that it takes 3 months to show the positive outcome. Third, for best results it has to be used along with any good quality moisturizer and sun sunscreen lotion having minimum SPF of 30. Fourth, there is a unique money refund feature linked with this product but it is applicable only if the cream in bought from Civantskincare.com. And lastly, it is only available through online medium. It is not available in any of the stores. Thereby you have to plan well to procure the cream.

Skin lightening cream that has 20 years of history
For immediate skin brightening highly recommend this Meladerm cream

Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of Meladerm Cream all one can say keeping good looks in mind that it is worth a try.


Natural Face brightener from Organic Homemade Skin Lightening Recipe

White skin is a desire of people all over the world, mainly in Asia. For a skin which is lighter than the normal shade and fairer, they do everything, even have skin whitening Pills! For the skin tone to remain whiter even those with white complexion work hard.

White skin can be obtained by different ways available. Dark skin may develop due to many reasons as such age, pollution, and sun tan. Together, for the people originally having darker complexion and for those whose skin has become dark, ample of Natural skin whitening lotions, creams and treatments are obtainable. Skin appears gloomy due to the production of melanin in the body. But there are many ways and natural recipes which can help you in achieving whiter cleared skin.  Find some really effective ways and tips to obtaining a whiter skin naturally in your own kitchen and that too easily and without spending a fortune for it.

Organic skin whitening Recipes made of almond & honey

The mixture of ½ tsp of almond, 1tsp of lemon juice and 1 tsp of honey eliminates tan and gives a shiny skin. Put for 10-15 minutes on the face. Wash it off later.

Natural Skin Lightening Tips oatmeal & tomato recipes

To lighten the skin and remove tan from the face, apply the mixture of oatmeal, tomato juice and curd for 20 minutes. Use cold water to clean it.

Skin Brightening tips using sandalwood powder

For lighter, even and brighter skin tone application of the paste made by mixing sandalwood powder, tomato juice, lemon juice and cucumber juice can be very effective.

Natural Skin Whitening Agents:

Whitening agents are preset in gram flour which facilitates sensitive skin care by its everyday application all over the body. For the paste 2 dollops of gram flour, only some fall of milk cream, a bit of turmeric and little drops of lemon fluid is mixed together. After applying it on the skin it is to be scrubbed off when it dries.  Till 15 days, cover the face for 20 minutes with fresh mint leaves paste. Do not wash with warm water, use cold water.
Though a stop to a spa salon for skin whitening cure is a contemporary method, yet there are visible results only after regular visits, and is extra costly.

We have other natural skin whitening remedies available like skin glow face Mask, in addition to the services and treatments which are pricey. To have a lighter complexion, yoghurt, Blackberry extract also have advantageous properties which can also be effective.

Most popular product for face whitening

Saffron Herbal Tip for Lightening Face Blemishes

Saffron Herbal for Lightening BlemishesSaffron herbal tip shall surely fade the blemishes from the face as it is made up of saffron and sandalwood powder. Both these ingredients are natural complexion enhancer and lighten blemishes and marks present on the face.

Face blemishes are the dark patches on the face especially on the cheeks. These light skin discoloration marks takes away the entire beauty of the face. The reasons behind face blemish occurrence could be poor health, allergy or menopause (hormonal changes). Be it any reason, the instant these blemishes are noticed make it a top priority to get rid of it as soon as possible. There are few herbal tips that are very helpful in lightening these undesirable and unwanted dark patches on the face.

Ingredients Required for Making Saffron Herbal Pack
Saffron Strands: 4-5 Nos
Sandalwood Powder: 1 Tablespoon

Saffron is a beauty enhancer. It contains the active compounds that lighten the blemishes on the face and giving the radiant looking healthy skin. The scientific name for saffron is Crocus Sativus.

Sandalwood powder is helps in improving the skin complexion and fades the blemishes/marks on the skin. Scientifically it is known as Santalaceae Santalum Album.

Method to Prepare the Herbal Saffron Paste to Reduce Blemishes
Soak the saffron strands in two tablespoon water for 4-5 hours. The strands shall become soft and with slight pressure try to mix it in the water. In the same water add sandalwood powder and mix well. If the consistency is thick then mix little water to get the right constancy. Wait till the dark orange-red tint develops in this paste. Now it is ready to be applied on the blemishes.

Application Technique for Saffron Herbal Pack to Chuck out Blemishes
Cleanse the skin well with any cleansing solution before applying the prepared paste. Then using a flat brush, apply it on the face giving more attention to blemishes. Hold the paste till it dries fully. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

In order to fade blemishes soon, apply the paste in the night before sleeping and clean it next morning with lukewarm water. With regular application the blemishes shall be gone from the skin. To use this remedy for overnight ensure to keep the consistency slightly more free flowing that neither drips nor dries of immediately.

The herbal paste using saffron shall not only fade the blemishes from the face but also improve the overall skin complexion. The reason being both ingredients used, saffron and sandalwood has the natural property to enhance the skin tone. Individuals having blemishes on the facial skin must use this herbal remedy without fail to get the desired results, no matter what is the reason behind the blemish occurrence. This shall work in every case. Hence, use this herbal saffron pack and then no way blemish could dare to appear on your skin to take away your beauty and charm!

Skin Whitening Treatment For Sun Spot

Skin Whitening  Treatment For Sun Spot

What are Age Spots?

Emergence of skin injuries is characterized as similar to skin moles by some people and can be both emotionally and medically, rather frustrating. Extreme exposure to sun fetches hunks of pigment transformation known as age spots. Blood pigments left behind by bruising also sometimes shape age spots.

Though any area excessively hit by sun results in skin spots yet hands are mostly affected, legs, chest, the back or shoulders may perhaps comprise dark spots by regular visits for years to the beach.  

Age Spot Removal Process:

For the Age spot Removal, it is obvious for people to try almost any product as not a single soul would move around carrying an identifiable skin deformity contentedly.

Age Spot Removal Treatments:

Variety of methods for spot removal can be employed such as laser removal surgery methods, freezing techniques, and even skin sanding but sometimes lasting scars or even skin irritation can be heightened due to the evident skin injury rooted by the methods.
Though Laser surgery has been effective but a full treatment expenses thousands of dollar, due to which the benefit of reduction in time of healing is overshadowed.

Skin Bleaching:

Commonly used technique for getting rid of age spots is skin bleaching. People with lighter skin tone can be benefited by skin whitening but those with dark skin may have irritation by hydroquinone.

Skin Whitening Treatment for sun Spot:

Deposits of melanin in sun spot concentrations are eliminated by skin lightening chemicals. The bleaching agent present in the cream can be quashed due to sunlight exposure hence sunscreen should be applied there after.   

Natural skin whitening:

Heard of Helix Aspersa Muller Glycoconjugates? Obtained from a familiar land snail, it is a skin care product, natural and comes together with enzymes, co-enzymes, immune modulators, peptides, antioxidants, proteins cell- communicating ingredients and anti-inflammatory.

The first stage to eliminate sun spots is removing it from the epidermis.
Body clears dying or existing dead cells with the help of superior cellular communication promoted by the glycoconjugates. Skin becomes naturally healthy once when the damaged site is cleared and new growth is motivated.

The damage done by the free radicals is lessened by Helix Aspersa Muller Glycoconjugates crucially. The damaged cells cannot overtake the healthy ones if the progress of free damage is hold back.

Free radicals bring cell mutation, degrading whose progress cleans up harm caused by them and defends the healthy cells. 

Skin Discolorations treatment for sun spot:

Age spots cannot be eliminated just by lightening skin or blazing it off.  Even the techniques such as laser surgeries, bleaching creams and others have side effects. Closing the melanin patches and managing cellular contact is the best natural treatment to cure age spots from inside.

Face whitening Cream Review
Face whitening cream review. Face whitening creams are formulated to reduce melanin secretion so as to lighten up skin tone. Analyzing the ingredient components is a must to do step while selecting the best face whitening creams.

Natural Remedy for skin whitening

Free natural skin whitening tipsOily dark skin lightener

Mix following natural ingredients 1 Tea spoon of barely meal , 1 tea spoonful of powdered lemon peel and half tea spoon of dry milk powder. Mix them well and store it in spice jar. Powder of orange peel well mixed in water can also applied 30 minutes before bath. This will whiten the dark skin if you apply them regularly. Citric acid in lemon can be the very effective in lightening the oily skin.  We recommend only the natural skin whitening products, please do not go for dangerous chemical contained skin whitening products. Read the side of skin whitening ingredients.

How to apply the dark skin lightening powder?

Take 1 teaspoon of dark skin lightener powder with 4 spoon of warm
water as required. Apply this paste all over the face and neck and
gently massage it into the skin for about a minute. Please do not
scrub, rise gently with warm water. The very important point is you
should not let it dry.

Skin Whitening Natural Face Mask 
Oat Meal Skin Whitening
Dark Skin Lightening Honey Papaya Mask
Face lightening using lemon pack

Face whitening Cream Review
Face whitening cream review. Face whitening creams are formulated to reduce melanin secretion so as to lighten up skin tone. Analyzing the ingredient components is a must to do step while selecting the best face whitening creams.

Face Skin Lightening remedy using Lemon

Natural skin color lightening using Lemon and yogurtLemon is a terrific source of skin whitening. It lightens the facial blemishes, spots and freckles. The dark skin around some body parts such as knees, elbows, under arms and neck can be lighten by rubbing lemon regularly on it. It evens out the skin tone. It never blocks the skin pores. It exfoliates the skin, removes the dead skin gently. Lemon is full of vitamin C thus, acts as good astringent. This is the reason why, when it is rubbed directly on the skin it lightens the skin it but dries out the skin. Hence it is crucial to apply a good moisturizer after the lemon application.  

Lemon Skin lightening Facial Packs – All the mentioned packs are effective for skin lightening. These are all tested and very safe to use. It might be possible that few ingredients in the pack may not suit some people but it would never lead to any serious side effects. Immediate results are difficult to be noticed but with regular use, it is certain to observe the positive change.  

Skin Lightening Pack 1: Take two teaspoon lemon juice, one teaspoon glycerin and one teaspoon rose water. Mix all three well. Apply it on the face and leave it for only 5 minutes. Later wash the face with water. This should be applied in the morning before taking bath. It is natural skin bleach. It can also be stored in refrigerator if it is more in quantity.  

Skin Lightening Pack 2: Mix 2 tablespoons honey, 4 teaspoons fresh lemon juice, 3 teaspoon plain yogurt and 1 egg white. Whisk all four together thoroughly. Apply it on the dry face and allow it to dry. After 15 minutes, even if it is half dry wash the face with luke warm water. Lemon and yogurt lightens the skin complexion, honey gives the glow and egg tightens the skin. It can be used once in week.  

Skin Lightening Pack 3
: Whip one egg white. To this add one teaspoon each fresh lemon juice and almond powder. Mix it well. Apply it on the face giving the upward strokes and keep it for 15 minutes. Later wash the face with clean water. This is an effectual lemon skin whitening facial pack.  

Skin Lightening Pack 4: This pack is good for removing the blackheads. Make the powder of cinnamon. Take ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder, to this mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Scrub it on the face especially on the nose. Let it stay for 15 minutes, once it dries wash it off with water. With regular use blackheads even act as acne skin care shall be reduced.  

Few Precautions – Always ensure not to go in sun with lemon on the skin else it would cause the burning sensation and make the skin darker. Similarly, it is advised never to apply lemon immediately after waxing because the skin pores are mostly open after waxing and also the dead skin is removed. Lemon is citric in nature thus would cause sever irritation. It is advised to test the lemon on the skin first then go ahead with the packs just to avoid any allergic reactions.  Using chemical skin lightening products may bring very serious irrecoverable damage to skin. Please read skin whitening side effects

Lemon is boon for many home beauty remedies. This multi-purpose beauty key is easily available and trouble free to use once it suits your skin. It exfoliates and tightens the skin. So, get the clear even toned skin with lemon that is amiable with the pocket and skin!!

Face whitening Cream Review
Face whitening cream review. Face whitening creams are formulated to reduce melanin secretion so as to lighten up skin tone. Analyzing the ingredient components is a must to do step while selecting the best face whitening creams.

Face whitening Cream Review
Face whitening cream review. Face whitening creams are formulated to reduce melanin secretion so as to lighten up skin tone. Analyzing the ingredient components is a must to do step while selecting the best face whitening creams.