How To Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss is caused due to many reasons such as lack of vitamins, minerals or iron in the body, age, pollution, heredity, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance and illness.

Hair styles for 50 plus women

Haircuts and styles that work best for older women with gray in their 40s, 50s. Here at we discuss wide variety of most flattering gray hair styles for women 50 plus.

Top 10 Hair Care Tips in Fall Season

Excessive humidity in the atmosphere stipulates the special attention for hair in Fall Season. There are top 10 dos and donts that saves hair falling flat or getting too sticky and dull.

Natural Remedies for Dandruff treatment

Dandruff can be prevented by applying a fine paste of black pepper (milagu) and milk to your scalp and taking a head bath, this would make your hair free from dandruff

Home Remedies For Dandruff Hair Loss

Hair problems namely hair fall due to dandruff faced by majority of people that spoils the quality of hair. Read the effective homemade remedies to stop dandruff and hair fall today.