Healthy Nail Care Tips

Nail care is very simple to carry out as it involves only being conscious about few dos and don’ts along with putting the same into practice. Here are few tips that would cater to nail care like massage with olive oil, do not cut the cuticles and so on.Simple measures at home are sufficient to get healthy and beautiful nails. It is all about maintaining regularity that would hardly fetch few minutes out of 24 hours in a day. Bring a halt to the continuous flow of thoughts regarding lost or re-growth of nails instead put into effect few dos and don’ts of nail care.
Watch Over the Cuticles
Dryness does maximum harm to cuticles. Thereby apply oil or cream on the cuticles everyday. It is best to use olive oil as it moisturizes it without weakening them and provides softness. In order to keep the cuticles healthy get a regular nail manicure once in a month. Never cut it neither with nail cutter nor from teeth. Always push back them with the help of cotton bud and in no way use any sharp instrument for the same.
Wear Gloves While Doing Household Chores
The harsh chemicals present in the detergents and soaps used for washing takes away all the moisture and oil from the nails making it dry and rough. Hence it is crucial to wear gloves while doing any household work. Once the work is done ensure to apply good massage cream or olive oil on the nails and cuticles.On a Regular Basis Shape the Nails
It is ideal to shape the nails once in a week. Women who give the hand in cooking or washing must prefer the square shape as it is less prone to breakage and is trouble-free to keep up.
Do Not Peel Off the Nail Polish
Many women would have a common habit to peel off the nail polish after it chips off. On no account it should be done because while peeling off the nail polish the protective layer of the nail also comes out. This layer safeguards the nail from harsh blows, sharp cuts and so on. Once the layer vanishes then the nail gets easily dented. For this reason at all times remove the nail polish only with a nail polish remover.
Make Use of Clear Nail Polish
With the intention of making the colored nail polish stay for a longer time apply a clear nail polish as base coat as well as a top-coat. As a base coat it would endow with a receptive surface, replenish dry and brittle nails and reinstates the moisture of nails. On the other hand as a top coat it fills the lines and gives the hint of shine for the colored nail polish to stand by.
Chuck Out Yellowish Tint
Sometimes yellowish tint could be observed on the nails. This happens because of wearing nail polish continuously. To free the nails from this tint first let the nails be unpolished for a short while then in the mean time rub the piece of lemon on nails for 5-10 minutes. Later cleans hands with plain water. Repeat it for 2-3 days and notice the difference. Alternately, soak the fingers in baking soda and lemon water for 15 minutes. Take 500 ml water, to this add 1 teaspoon each of baking soda and lemon. Stir it well and dip in the fingers. Carry this out twice in a week.
Nails are core of beautiful hands. Take good care of them as other parts of body. Nice looking nails grab the attention of others without your notice. It does convey a lot about you. So look after the nails, it is important!
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