Face Skin Tone Brightening Cream for 20 years

Face whitening creams are formulated to reduce melanin secretion so as to lighten up skin tone. Analyzing the ingredient components is a must to do step while selecting the best face whitening creams.

Using Lipstick On Your Lips

Trying to get your lipstick to stay put is a hassle every woman will deal with at some point. It is essential for us to understand that lips need more guard than the rest of our facial skin.

How to lighten dark upper lip color

Light pinkish lips are referred as beautiful lips enhance the beauty of face.Home remedies to restore dark lips to the light pink shade of lips.

How To Maintain Dry Lips

The loss of moisture in lips causes dryness in lips. The loss of natural moisture in lips may happen due to exposure to sun & cold dry winds.

Manicure Tips

Manicure is the process of making hands more beautiful. Beauty and makeup are broad perception. These are not limited to nose, eyes, lips but includes …

Summer Skin Care tips for dry skin and normal skin

Summer skin care dilemmas are two – fold – increased dryness due to water loss, wind and sun, as well as increases oil production from outdoor sports and heat. Extra dry summer required more care on d

Homemade Herbal Medicine

Homemade herbal medicine for diabetic feet, warts, dandruff and skin nourishing. These herbal remedies is lot better than over the counter medicine.

Best Facial Massage for your Skin and Face

Self facial massage benefits an individual mentally and physically. It is a great aid to relieve tensions and mental stress. It helps physically by reducing fatigue and energizing the body.

How to Apply Summer Makeup For Tropical Look

Applying makeup and then pack on the powder will disappear when skin sweats on summer. Mineral oil free and lanolin oil free products must be used to apply the makeup on summer.

Makeup Colors For Summer Seasons

Choosing right makeup color on summer seasons is very daunting one. Cream blush, dotted on the apples of the cheeks “smile” and blended back towards the ear so it looks real on summer. Also dot a litt

Tips For Hand Manicure At Home

Taking care of your hands is important as well as easy. The perfect manicure is the final detail in overall style and fashion.

professional nail care advice

Professional Nail Care Advice. For guarding nails you should wear polish having polyester resins and use acetone – free nail polish remover.

How To Maintain Your Nail

Aside from special clear polishes, there are other ways to build up and maintain your nails and beautiful nails. If you maintain your nails, your nails will be consequently be healthy.

After 30 natural Skin Care tips

30 is certainly a mere number but when it comes to skin care then this is the time to begin the regular skin care program to keep away those most unwanted thin lines around eyes and lips.

Recipes For Your Foot Care

We hope you enjoy this collection of recipes. Please feel free to share these wonderful recipes with your friends and family.

How To Treat Your Legs

Legs must be cleansed with clean water and wiped with hygienic towels. After immersing your legs in lukewarm water for 5 minutes and massaging with pumice stone, apply cold lotion.

Homemade Natural wrinkle remover

Wrinkles are major problem of aging. Homemade remedies using Green Thompson seedless grapes, honey, carrot juice, celery and spinach naturally fight against anti aging.